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Small dings

Small ding$30
Small ding with fill$35
Ding up to 1″$40
Ding up to 2″$50
Ding up to 3″$65
Ding up to 4″$65
Ding up to 5″$70

Large dings

Ding up to 6″$85
Ding up to 7″$105
Ding up to 8″$115
Ding up to 9″$120
Nose or tail points$45
Glass on fins$100
For missing fin – add$10

Other services

FCS each plug replacement$50
Remove or replace fin box FS – Bahne$100
Wrinkle with rocker aligned$120
Snapped boards starting at$200
Minimum charge$25

Delams are about the same price as dings, depending on the extent and condition of the foam within the area.

Prices are approximate, based on common dings and vary depending on severity and difficulty.

“I have been repairing surfboards professionally for over 25 years. Unlike most ding repairists, ding repair is all I do. For most it’s a sideline (usually to glassing) thought of as something that they are obliged to do, and in the way of their real work, production glassing.

I have developed various different techniques that actually can make some dings undetectable.

I guarantee all work to be at least as strong as it was before you dinged it, and usually stronger. I offer free estimates on all ding repair, and can have you back in the water within a few days.”


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